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Great Lady was first introduced in 1957 by Evyan Perfumes, the original maker of White Shoulders. Evyan was the nickname of Lady Evelyn Westall who married an Austrian Baron, Walter Langer Von Langendorff. He heard a guest at a formal dinner compliment his wife on having the whitest shoulders he'd ever seen and that led to the name of their first perfume, White Shoulders. It is Lady Evyan who is embossed on the White Shoulders bottles. 

The Baron always called his wife his 'great lady" and Great Lady perfume was named for her.. Evyan Perfumes also made a very popular men's cologne, The Baron, which was named for her husband. Golden Shadows was the name of their Westport, Connecticut estate and gave its name to still another Evyan fragrance. Lady Evyan collected antique lace and lace played a big part in many of their perfume set box designs. Evyan was one of the pioneers of American fragrances who challenged the French domination of the market after World War II. While Helena Rubenstein also made fragrances right after the war, her main business, unlike Evyan, was cosmetics. In time, New York would overtake Paris as the center of the perfume industry as they were joined by Revlon and Estee Lauder who also offered American fragrances.

After The Baron's death it took years to settle his complicated will. (Lady Evyan preceded him which left him always missing her and talking about her even though he remarried.) Finally the will was settled and the company was sold to Elizabeth Arden. White Shoulders is now made and distributed by an Elizabeth Arden subsidiary. Two original scent Evyan fragrances, Great Lady and Most Precious, are still made by the relaunched Evyan Perfumes.

Scent: Floral with iris, muguet, tuberose, sandalwood and amber.

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