Vintage Perfume Ads and Bottles 


Below are some vintage fragrance ads and bottles from yesteryear. These photos are for reference purposes only and do not show the current packaging. 



Flora Danica (Swank








Eau de Love (Menley & James)   




Imprevu (Coty) 




PIQUE (Paula Kent / Redken)



Forever Krystle (Carrington)  

Linda Evans and John Forsythe portrayed Krystle and Blake Carrington for ten years on the 1980's hit TV Series "Dynasty"





Great Lady (Evyan)  






  FAME (Parfums Corday




Ondine (Suzanne Thierry)




Blue Stratos Cologne for Men (Shulton)


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Current fragrances are not associated with any previous manufacturer nor a continuation of any other company.