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jungle gardenia  The Legendary Unique Exotic Fragrance

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Did you know Hazel Bishop created the first smudge-proof lipstick? Introduced in 1950 at Lord & Taylor in New York; it sold out in just one day. And that year Hazel Bishop became the biggest selling lipstick in the USA!



Smudge-proof lipstick sealer to keep your favorite lipstick in place all day. Simply apply over lipstick, keep lips apart for 30 seconds and poof....your lips are sealed! Paraben-free.   Sold Out - more coming soon!

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           Taji Shulton

Eau de Love

          Ondine Suzanne Thierry

Flora Danica


Fame by Corday

          Tussy Midnight

Blue Stratos Unisex Cologne by Shulton            



              Unleash Your Spirit with Blue Stratos    





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